Kitting & Packaging

Kitting and Packaging service delivers on your brand promise with custom curated deliveries

We help you bring it all together.

Gridiron Fulfillment offers kitting and packaging services to deliver your products to your customers to bring your business vision to life. By picking and bundling curated offerings delivered under one SKU, Gridiron Fulfillment custom kitting and packaging is our most efficient and cost-effective fulfillment offering. From complex kit building and premium packages to shrink-wrapping services, our processes and software seamlessly supports both on-demand kit making and pre-made kits—all while maintaining on-time delivery.

Kitting and Packaging

We help you deliver on your brand promise with custom product packaging and kitting services.

The value we deliver:

  1. One-stop shop for fulfillment, warehousing, kitting and packaging
  2. Collating and kitting of promotional kits, educational materials, point-of-purchase displays and product packaging
  3. Bulk advance kitting faster saves fulfillment time and money, with each kit weighed and labeled in advance as one SKU
  4. Reduced shipping costs from efficient and cost-effective packaging choices
  5. Our Pallet and Bulk Storage warehouse space accommodates inventory and pre-made kits of all shapes and sizes.

Need custom kit building and packaging solutions?